Patient Guide


Consultants at out patient Department (OPD) may decide to admit a patient and in this case it is advisable to book the bed and Operation Theatre (if required) in advance. Bookings are done at the admission reception counter. Some emergencies come through the Emergency Department, which is open all 24 hours, everyday of the week.


When you come to the hospital for the first time, either as an in-patient or as an out-patient, you receive a card with your "Unique Khandaka Hospital Number". We create your medical record with this identification number, update and preserve it with utmost care and confidentiality. This number and card enable speedy retrieval of your medical records each time you need to see a doctor.


The Registration counter has a schedule of charges for different types of rooms. The charges vary depending upon the kind of room you select. Patients requiring financial assistance and concession in the hospitalization charges are requested to contact the Director administration, for assistance. For estimation of your hospitalization costs, kindly consult patient counselor / front office.

Consent Form

The counselor will explain you the nature of your disease and the treatment planned. We request you to read carefully and sign consent forms given to you prior to your admission and any procedures to ensure that you have been properly informed. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions if you find the information inadequate or vague.

Nursing Care

Our nursing staff will attend to you after admission to the ward. She will familiarise you with the room, the bed head panel switches and the Nurse Call device which you may use to call the nurse. She will also inform you about the rules regarding the tea, breakfast and meal timings. In case you have specific nursing needs please inform the Nurse In Charge of the floor.

Ambulance Services

The hospital has a tie up with different service providers for its ambulance services. Please contact the main reception for availing the services of the same. You may also get in touch with service provider. Their ambulance is available at the hospital premises.

Dietary Services

Food is an important part of the services rendered. The menu is personally supervised by our team of dieticians. There is a choice of vegetarian and non vegetarian menu. You may give your choice of cuisine at the time of booking or to the dietician after admission. You are requested not to leave food in the room, as this attracts the pests. The hospital does not permit food from outside. Food is not permitted in the room for the attendant

Your Amusement

Television facilities are provided in deluxe and super deluxe rooms.


Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the hospital.


Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited, in the hospital.

Your Well Being

We try and maintain an atmosphere of absolute cleanliness and tranquility for your speedy recovery. A clean and hygienic environment is essential for the well being of our patients, and our team of trained personnel strives to maintain this. Our efforts need to be supplemented by you and by your visitors.


Your patient requires rest. Please restrict your visitors to the absolute minimum. Visitors and visiting hours are restricted i.e 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm. Only one pass is issued per patient at the time of admission. Children under twelve years of age should not be brought into patient's room or wards in the interest of their own health and as they tend to disturb the patients. Reports may be collected from office.

Your Suggestions

We value your input be it suggestions or comments on your actual experience during your stay in our Hospital. Please be frank in your answers to the PATIENT FEEDBACK QUESTIONNAIRE as this will help us to serve you better. We would like you to include your name in the questionnaire, but it is not compulsory. Please drop the complete form in the patient feedback box.

Follow up Visits

The O.P.D Consultation fee will be valid for five days and will be renewed on every six day. In case of I.P.D once the patient is discharged from the hospital he can come for follow up for four days free of cost.

Corporate Account / TPA

If your account is to be paid by your company, please ensure that you bring a signed letter from your company clearly accepting responsibility for all medical treatment and giving an undertaking to settling the bill. The hospital will provide treatment in the ward specified by your company. Any deviations from the instructions will be billed directly to you with information to the company.

Patients who are availing Third Party Administrators (TPA) facility are requested to enquire about their sanctioned amount on the day of their admission, from the admission counter. You are requested to obtain the authorisation from the TPA. The hospital will only act as a facilitator in such a situation. Please note that the hospital honours only corporate policies for cashless hospitalization. A security deposit is payable before admission even for cashless authorized patients to cater for disallowed billing.

Time to go Home

The consultant in charge will decide when it is advisable for you to leave the hospital. In most cases, he will be able to discuss your discharge with you a day in advance. Make sure you have a discharge card with you, along with a summary of your case, before you leave. This will enable you and your family doctor to follow-up your treatment at home. Test Reports will be given to you at the time of discharge. If some investigations have not been reported, these reports may kindly be collected between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all working days including Saturdays from Lab reception.

It is important that you arrange to leave by the discharge time, so that we can prepare the bed and the room for new arrivals. If you are unable to leave by the morning discharge time, bed charges for the day will be added to your bill. We request you to follow a few procedures when you check out of the Hospital.

Your Bill

Your bill will be a comprehensive one, with all charges included, and no payments should be made outside of what is specified in your bill. All details of bed charges, investigations, doctor's visit fees, and surgeon's fees will be shown on your bill. In case you have any queries, you are requested to contact the Enquiry Counter located in the lobby.

All outstanding bills must be cleared promptly. Every day, you will receive a intermittent bill. You, or your attendant, should review these bills so that you can make payment on time. Prompt clearance of your bills will help facilitate your discharge.

Please contact the Billing Department for any help you require in this regard. Your admission/security deposit will be adjusted only against your final bill at the time of discharge. No tips should be given to any staff in the Hospital. The Hospital undertakes arrangements with reputed companies for credit. Please contact the Front desk / Enquiry Counter.

  • OPD Hours - 9:00am to 12:00pm morning & 7:00pm to 8:00pm evening (Monday to Saturday)
  • For consultation with Dr. Ashok Khandaka take one day before prior appointment.
  • If you are informed that the appointment or routine consultation are full. Do not pressurize the reception to give appointment for routine consultation on the same day when there are no slots available.
  • In case of your absence at the time of your appointment, next patient will be called, then wait for your turn quietly, the doctor tries to see each patient as soon as possible.
  • However some patients will also be called out of turn to see reports / emergencies / admission / operation / VIP /old age / kids / those with prior permission etc. So kindly co-operate us.
  • Patients will be seen according to the serial numbers entered or as per doctor instruction. So don't argue or disturb the staff to be served first. please don't offer any kind of tip.
  • Bring all disease related papers : X-ray, Blood reports, prescription, problems and queries etc. arranged properly in a file while coming for consulation as well as inform hte doctor in case you are allergic to a particular medicine.
  • Confirm availability of dr. Ashok Khandaka before arrival especially from distance by telephone.
  • Pregnant Women should inform so that necessary precaution can be taken while prescribing X-ray and Medicine.
  • Only one attendant should enter into the Doctor's Chamber, who has complete information about patient.
  • Don't bring children along with you, if they don't require consultation.
  • Attendants should avoid consultation with the doctor. If they want to consult they should take an additional appointment.
  • We welcome your suggestions and complaints.