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Khandaka Hospital: The Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Jaipur:

Your body movements and the motion of your joints play a vital role in the overall mobility of your body. at times due to external injury or diseases, the motion of the body can get restricted which may restrict your activities and might even cause severe pain. This is when it is quite important for a person to get in touch with a specialist at the best Physiotherapy hospital in Jaipur for an optimal treatment for your condition. The physiotherapy department is focused on providing a broad range of medicine and surgical treatments as well as restoration of movement to improve the quality of life.
Physiotherapists use several pieces of equipment and exercises as well as technology to perform surgeries as well as rehabilitation activities depending on the condition and severity of the patient is suffering from. The department is focused on regaining mobility after disabling disease or any kind of traumatic injury.

What Do We Mean by The Physiotherapy Branch? 

Physiotherapy is a branch that specializes in providing treatment and care to patients suffering from any kind of restricted mobility and movements. The specialist of this department or the best physiotherapist in Jaipur is focused on helping the patients minimize the cognitive and physical effects caused due to disability and help them reach their fullest potential. Along with the treatment, the specialist may also need to perform Surgical procedures and proceed toward rehabilitation as per the severity of the patient's condition. 

What Is the Best Physiotherapist in Jaipur Responsible For? 

An expert at a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Hospital in Jaipur is responsible for treating several mobility and movement-related conditions and diseases that may also require surgical operation and rehabilitation. The specialist will go through an assessment of the patient’s medical history, evaluation of the overall pain that the patient is experiencing, range of motion, reflexes, movement patterns, sensation, and more to provide a suitable diagnosis and move toward treatment programs. Some of the conditions treated in this department include musculoskeletal, neurological, and respiratory conditions.

Diseases Associated with Physiotherapy:

The Department of Physiotherapy focuses on treating several conditions and diseases related to movement and range of motion. Some of the conditions that are treated at our physiotherapy Hospital in Jaipur include fractures, cystic fibrosis, stroke, Back pain, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic obstruction pulmonary disease, cerebral palsy, sports injuries, and more. 

In addition to the moment-related conditions, the branch of Physiotherapy also focuses on neurological and respiratory-related conditions caused by traumatic injuries. This may further require the specialist to perform several procedures as well as surgery if the condition or the severity of the condition is beyond medicinal treatment.
After the medical and surgical procedure, the specialist may also prescribe rehabilitation for the post-operative recovery process or for a longer duration as per the severity of the condition. 

Treatment & Procedures Offered by Our Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Jaipur:

The Department of Physiotherapy offers several procedures and treatments under the care of the best physiotherapist in Jaipur so that we can offer you the best possible treatment depending on the condition of the patient. Some of the most common methods that our specialist employs for an apt treatment include: 
Electrotherapy: It involves therapy such as ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation in current, and more to reduce pain and gain muscular strength and coordination.
Exercise Therapy: It involves specific exercises such as aerobic conditioning, stability work, balance training, etc to regain muscle strength and improve the fitness level of the patient. 
Aquatic Therapy: It involves low-impact cardio exercises in a pool setting for the patient to strengthen and improve mobility by using buoyancy aids, water weights, and more. 
Heat and Cold Therapy: It involves heat and cold methods to reduce the inflammation in the body and reduce pain while relaxing the muscles and improving the blood flow. 
Some of the common therapies that are performed by the specialist at a physiotherapy department include manual therapy, breathing exercises, cardiac rehabilitation, postural, re-education, post-operative rehabilitation, and more.

Facilities And Services That Our Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Jaipur Provides:

Our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Hospital in Jaipur is well equipped with all the necessary and latest equipment to provide a wide range of facilities and services to the patients and help them in gaining their strength and mobility. The facilities include everything from providing an apt diagnosis to offering patients with post-operative rehabilitation recovery and care. we offer our patients with personalized and comprehensive range of facilities and services as per their condition and health needs. Some of the treatments and facilities that we offer at our physiotherapy department include: 

  •  A highly trained and skilled team of physiotherapists, orthopedic therapists, sports therapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation assistants, and specialized nurses.
  • Comprehensive range of diagnosis and evaluation, including outpatient and inpatient programs.
  • A modern infrastructure equipped with electrotherapy, hi-power laser, latest exercise equipment, heat therapy, microwave diathermy, and so on.
  • Critical care and individualized rehabilitation and treatment plans for the patients. 
  • Well equipped with rehabilitation equipment, hydrotherapy pools, and advanced electrotherapy machines for advanced treatments. 

Our team of physiotherapists at Khandaka Hospital is all about providing remarkable physiotherapy services that are focused on following patient patient-centric approach. we have a team of Professionals data are the top name in the country and are always dedicated to offering an accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

Why Choose Khandaka Hospital? 

The reason why Khandaka Hospital is considered the best physiotherapy hospital in Jaipur is that we are dedicated to providing our patients with unparalleled and exceptional treatment and care. We are a team of dedicated and qualified specialists who are focused on providing you a personalized and comprehensive treatment in a comfortable and secure environment. Our department provides around-the-clock, physiotherapy, treatments, and diagnosis to make sure that you get immediate and expert care.  
We take a multidimensional approach towards the treatment and diagnosis as we optimize the overall well-being and health of our patients by providing them a holistic treatment along with advanced equipment, and technology. With our passion and dedication to help individuals regain their mobility and improve their condition. We are focused on improving their quality of life. So, get in touch with us for an appointment and be sure to get holistic and expert medical care.

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Health Tips & Info

When you visit your physiotherapist for assessment, the expert will ask you for several medical records and get to know about your condition with thorough assessment and evaluation. After conducting some tests, the diagnosis will be provided to you as per the condition. The physiotherapist will provide you custom treatment plan as per the severity of your condition.

Yes, physiotherapy sessions performed under the care of an expert at a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Hospital in Jaipur can really be beneficial for you in improving your mobility and reducing pain that may have caused due to sports or strenuous activities.

If you’re suffering from any kind of mobility issue or pain that is not going away even after taking painkillers or ointment, then it is best to consult with the physio for the pain. Apart From that, if you are facing an injury and it is making it harder for you to do any activity because of the restricted range of motion it is best to consult with a specialist if it is left and treated for 12 weeks then it might develop into a chronic injury. Moreover, if you have experienced and minor injury and the pain is prevailing even after 48 hours of the injury, then make an appointment with a physiotherapist to get an apt treatment and immediate physiotherapy care.

Depending on the condition, the physiotherapist at a Physiotherapy hospital in Jaipur may suggest a home exercise program so that maintenance of a functional range of motions can be gained and pain that you experience due to the condition. It may be suggested you follow the home program so that your condition can be treated soon.

At an early arthritis stage, the patient can eliminate pain under the care of a physiotherapist by performing several exercises that can slow down the tear in the area. However, if the problem has exceeded the wear and tear in the bone, then the patient may need to undergo knee replacement surgery or we need to go through pain relieving modalities accompanying the exercises to get temporary relief. The decision of whether you might need a surgical procedure or exercise depends upon your condition and the severity of the pain.

When it is about deciding the number of physiotherapy sessions for the condition, it is decided by your best physiotherapist in Jaipur during your initial diagnosis. As the treatment plan progresses, further, you will notice that your sessions are getting fewer than earlier. it is best to discuss with your physiotherapist during your initial diagnosis to get a better understanding of your overall physiotherapy sessions as the sessions arrive from patient-to-patient condition to condition.